police promotion           OSPRE PART I    

Training for Ospre Part I consists of an intensive 3 day crammer course covering all of the below:

You will receive;

  • Exam Myths
  • Guidance on how to study effectively
  • Revision Time Table 
  • An analysis of previous exam papers for frequently examined subjects (In advance of Course)
  • Law Inputs on the main subject areas
  • Knowledge Based Tests
  • Exam Questions
  • The opportunity to take part in Blackstone's Mock Exam 4 weeks before the exam (extra cost - £20)

The course provides 24 hours of intensive study - subjects explained and key areas highlighted and identified.

You will be taught by a qualified trainer who came in the top 3% of the country in both Sergeants and Inspectors Part 1 and top in the country for General Police Duties with 97% and a qualified trainer who received an exceptional pass mark in Sgts Part 1 and came 16th in the country in the Inspectors Part 1

The course currently has a genuine pass rate of 75% - far higher than the average pass rate for candidates who do not attend a course.

Attendance on this course entitles you to a discount for Promotion Development Days and Interview Board Training with the company in the future.