For Insp Interview Board see Part 111 


Part 1V Interview training consists of a 2 day course that will teach you all you need to know to pass the interview.

It is a intensive 2 day course that contains:

Body language
Successful Interview Techniques and How To Sell Yourself
What is a Behavioural Style Interview?
What is a Competency Based Interview?
How to answer Behavioural Style/Competency Based Questions
- A structured format for answering questions
How to prepare your interview board answers in advance
The importance of the Police Professional Framework/
Personal behaviours for Supervisory Managers
PPF Competencies
The following PPF Personal Qualities (for Sergeant and Inspector) 
 will be measured during your 45 minute interview board:
Serving the Public

Leading Change

Leading People

Managing Performance


Decision Making

Working with Others

On the course you will receive an Interview Board Pack with useful information to refresh your learning from the course.

Promotion is now extremely competitive and only well prepared exceptional candidates will get through. Having studied and been prepared for Part 11 don't let all that hard work go to waste - book on this course to ensure you are prepared for the final stage of your promotion.

Don't wait until the promotion boards have been announced. Book a course now if you are thinking of going for promotion - there is a lot of preparation to do!

You will receive personal contact details for each of the assessors following the course should you need advice at any time.

All the trainers and assessors are experienced and genuinely committed to ensuring you pass your Part III.

The trainers passed their own exams and boards first time - with exceptional results.

Please go to courses page for details of dates of courses and to contact page to book.

Thank you