Are you ready for your police promotion Interview Board?


Interview Board Training is specifically designed to meet the new
style of police promotion interviews which are marked against the PPF

A two day intensive training course includes:

ØThe application form
and how to prepare for the competency based application form.

Ø Psychometric Tests - A brief look at the logistics behind them.

Ø In tray exercise.

Ø Presentation techniques - 4 presentation styles

Ø Body language

Ø Successful Interview Techniques and How To Sell  Yourself

Ø What is a Behavioural Style Interview?

Ø What is a Competency Based Interview?

Ø How to answer Behavioural Style/Competency Based  Questions - A structured format for answering  questions

Ø How to prepare your interview board answers in   advance

Ø The importance of the Police Professional Framework

   On the course you will receive an Interview Board Pack with useful information to refresh your learning from the course
 At a later date, having practised your techniques and consolidated your learning, you are then invited to attend on a separate evening for a

Ø Formal Mock Interview (to include a   presentation if relevant to your force) with   feedback - Recorded and put on to disc for you   to keep

      Promotion is now extremely competitive and only well prepared exceptional candidates will get through. Having studied and been prepared for Part 1 and Part 11 don't let all that hard work go to waste - book on this course to ensure you are prepared for the final stage of your promotion.

   Don't wait until the promotion boards have been announced.  Book a course now if you are thinking of going for promotion - there is a lot of preparation to do!